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North State Environmental specializes in the service of Lab Packing. We provide Lab Packing to more institutions of higher education than any other firm in California.
Our high ratio of Chemists to total employees gives us the personnel, experience and routine operating ability to provide a solution to your complex lab packing needs. Our structure
that allows us to interface with a large number of TSDFs provides a maximum possibility of permanent waste solutions.
Our Waste Disposal Services are designed to assist customers in minimizing waste, protecting against spills, managing hazardous materials, and accomplishing UST closures and
complying with hazardous materials record keeping, environmental reporting and radioactive waste issues. We dispose of all chemical types of waste including:
Organic Asbestos Laboratory Chemicals Gases
Inorganic Low Level Radioactive Soil Universal Waste
Liquid Biological Other Sludges    
Solid Explosives Metal Sludges
Industrial Waste Management WSI Industrial Services Hazardous Waste Disposal
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