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North State Environmental has been in business since 1980 providing services to customers in all aspects of the comprehensive chemical disposal.

Local, State, and
Federal Agencies





North State Environmental - San Francisco
  • North State Environmental is involved with all aspects of service from initial paperwork to the final disposition of the waste.
  • We provide environmental documentation, which includes manifest and label preparation, lab pack inventory sheets, certificates of disposal and land disposal notifications.
  • All profile documentation is prepared by North State Environmental (applications for waste acceptance at disposal sites).
  • Lab packing services and other waste containerization services are provided by North State Environmental.
  • We provide emergency response 24/7 with a 2-hour response time for our customer.
  • North State Environmental is a California corporation.
  • California registered hazardous waste transporter no. 2069.
  • Department of California Highway Patrol hazardous materials transportation, license #CA 8155.
  • Hazardous materials certificate of registration with United States of America Department of Transportation. Satisfactory rating.
  • Registered hazardous waste hauler with United States Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Headquarters in South San Francisco, with branches Rialto and San Diego.
  • Professional degreed chemists to coordinate the handling of hazardous waste.
  • Haz mat personnel have all proper certifications.
  • Transportation equipment to handle small to large quantities, drum trucks, vacuum trucks and bins.
  • Access to many accredited TSDF facilities across the USA at the best prices.
  • Our edge is highly competitive prices with a very responsive customer service.
  • Our operational employees are field professionals who are trained, certified and experienced.
  • Documentation for any of the above is available on request. This includes training documentation and governmental credentials.
  • Insurance information immediately available on request.